Disruptive Innovation Reframed: Insurgent Design for Systemic Transformation

Co-authored with Dr. Alex Ryan, this article explores disruptive innovation through the lens of insurgency, expanding our current understanding of the theory and practice of economic disruption.

Design as Action

We need to develop a more sophisticated theory of the concept of action and its role in the design of complex systems.

Pardon Our Disruption, Mr, Christensen

I argue that recent defences of the integrity of the theory of disruptive innovation by its original authors too narrowly restrict its scope of application and unfairly try to assert authority over its core concepts as if they were intellectual property.

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In exploring the powerful role of the Internet in the democratization of design, I suggest that design is an ethical practice and that the power of creation is both beautiful and terrible.

Slouching Towards Singularity

The two recent films, Chappie and Her, are both strangely optimistic meditations on the idea of the technological concept of singularity. I suggest that we should not be either utopians or nihilists about out technological future.

Only Insurgents Survive: Preparing for the Robot Apocalypse

The profound reshaping of social and economic life by the evolution of artificial intelligence and robotics is setting many business models on a collision course with the future. I use this context to argue that companies and organizations abandon competition in favor of innovation as a strategy for evolutionary survival.

Putting SALT in the Wound of Gun Violence

Gun violence is one of the most troubling issues of our times. I look at how a design for a new kind of weapon discovers a path to empathy with both sides of the often dead end debate over defensive weapons.