Michael has spent the last two decades leading creative teams, building learning communities, starting and running his own design businesses, and founding entrepreneurial ventures. Across all of these activities Michael has broken new ground, instigating and leading many successful collaborations. He is a leader who’s trajectory in the design thinking and innovation fields has aimed at making both more rigorous and more accessible.

In almost all of Michael’s businesses, design and learning have been constantly and consistently linked. As the lead partner of Torch Partnership he initiated a deep engagement with OCAD University (OCADU). He helped to found the university’s Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab), a center for research and development in design, innovation and strategic foresight, and he sponsored and curated a long running lecture series on innovation for sLab at OCADU.

Michael also started two entrepreneurial learning businesses, Moso and UNFINISHED, which developed online learning programs, with the goal of developing a scalable model for bringing design and innovation knowledge and methods into enterprise. His Unfinished Business School product was adopted as part of UnitedHealth Group’s core innovation curriculum for managers and has been completed by over 200 UHG employees. He was the chief catalyst of Unfinished Business, an initiative for applying open source ideas and methods to the practices of business management and design. Michael also invented Innovation Parkour, a scalable framework for training people in large organizations to be more   innovative.

Michael is a founding member of Overlap, a unique network of front-line innovation practitioners. Under his stewardship Overlap has, for over a decade, been one of the most important peer learning communities for those working at the intersections of design, business and technology.